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If your ATV is designed for more than one person, be sure your passenger (s): Stays seated to keep the vehicle's center of gravity as low as possible. Keeps his or her feet on the footrests and does not extend his or her hands beyond the edge of the ATV. Dismounts before you cross a road or difficult obstacle and walks across Mastering the basic riding positions is a major key to your success. To make sure that you can shift your weight quickly when necessary and reach the controls easily, always maintain proper posture: Head up and eyes looking far ahead. Hands on the handlebars. Feet on the footrests, toes pointing straight ahead Never carry a passenger on a single-rider ATV, and no more than one passenger on an ATV specifically designed for two people. Ride an ATV that's right for your age. Supervise riders younger than 16; ATVs are not toys. Ride only on designated trails and at a safe speed The long seat on a conventional sit-astride ATV is to allow operators to shift their body weight backwards and forwards for different slope conditions, a technique known as 'active' riding. It is..

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A not-for-profit organization can be a for-hire passenger carrier if the organization receives compensation. For-hire does not require the transportation to be available to the public. If a trip includes both private passengers and passengers providing compensation, it is a for-hire trip The best solution to any emergency situation in an ATV or UTV trail ride is to be prepared by adhering to ATV and UTV safety tips and having a well-equipped ATV or UTV emergency kit. Tow strap. Accessory winch. First-Aid kit. Start with ensuring you always carry a tow strap. It can be used to extract a vehicle or tow one back to camp Passengers may not be allowed on a motorcycle if they are younger than a certain age. Furthermore, you may not be allowed you carry a passenger if you are below a certain age or if you have only had your license for a short period of time. Make sure you understand your state's laws before you decide to carry a passenger with you All those who ride on or operate an ATV must wear an approved safety helmet. If you want to carry passengers while operating an ATV, you must be driving an ATV that has been specifically designed to carry more than one passenger. Operating an ATV on a public road way is permitted as long as it is not on an interstate or divided roadway The Sportsman is Polaris' signature ATV model, it comes in both single rider and 2 Up ATV models designed to carry a passenger. Polaris promises easy handling, a smooth comfortable ride and reliable performance. Polaris touts itself as having the fastest-engaging all-wheel drive which makes for better handling and an overall safer ride

Fitting the ATV to the rider When seated in normal operating position: Your fingers must extend beyond the brake lever to easily operate throttle and brakes. Your knees must be bent at least 45 degrees and sit level with your hips and your thighs parallel to footrests Double A-arm front and rear suspension controls 10 inches of travel at all four corners to help support the load of a rider and passenger while offering up 11 inches of ground clearance. As for.. (2) All four wheels of the ATV must rest on the bed of the truck used to transport the ATV. B. Passengers may not be carried on ATVs unless approved by the ATV manufacturer as stated in the owner's manual. 420.57 Utility-Terrain Vehicles. A. UTVs are prohibited for transport in the bed of pickup trucks. UTVs must be transported on a trailer Every occupant riding in a UTV must be seated with a seatbelt fastened in a manner prescribed by the manufacturer. No passenger can ride in or on any part of a UTV that is not designed or intended to be used by passengers. You cannot ride in the back storage box areas, sitting on someone's lap or on the roof

Carrying or being a passenger, driver error, poor judgment and loss of control are commonly cited as contributing causes in ATV crashes, with rollovers, falling off a vehicle and colliding with an obstacle being the most commonly cited mechanisms of injury . Some studies have found a higher risk of severe injuries, including traumatic brain. The operator can steer the ATV by using handlebars. Seating and passenger capacity. On an ATV, the operator is seated in a straddle position. ATVs are normally built for just one rider, some are made to carry the operator and one passenger. Speed and handling. ATVs are not one-size-fits-all and should be sized appropriately for the operator C Never carry a passenger. An ATV is designed to carry only the driver. Passengers impede the operator™s ability to shift their weight, adjust their position, and maneuver the ATV safely. Carrying a passenger on an ATV may also upset the balance of the ATV and cause it to go out of control. C Never use drugs or drink alcohol while riding

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  1. Carrying passengers; Riding on slopes and levees; Carrying unbalanced loads or exceeding the recommended load limit of the vehicle; Operator not wearing a helmet; Lack of proper training . To reduce the possibility of being involved in an ATV incident, you should follow at least the following accepted practices
  2. Suzuki Australia has always maintained a clear position with regard to the fitment of Operator Protection Devices (OPD) on All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) and remains firm in the view that the best manner to protect riders is mandating the use of helmets, rider training, not allowing underage riders to operate an ATV, never carrying passengers on an ATV and never operating an ATV whilst under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  3. Children under 16 should not drive a UTV or adult ATV. Further precautions specifically for UTVs: Always fasten the safety belt. Keep all body parts inside the vehicle. Never carry passengers in the cargo area. Be sure all passengers are large enough so that both feet rest on the floorboard while their back is against the seatback
  4. Also, the operator of an ATV modified to transport a passenger and carrying a passenger must be at least 18 years old. He must also have in his possession a certificate of competence and knowledge to that effect, issued following training givenby the FQCQ. The capacity of the luggage rack must be respected as well as that of the vehicle
  5. It also remains the best 4x4 ATV for the money. This ATV is powered by a 4-stroke, air-cooled, single cylinder, 400cc engine. This is a five-speed ATV with reverse and has an electronic start system. The vehicle comes with a standard one passenger seat. Overall, this is an excellent trail quad that is light and reliable
  6. If after carrying out a risk assessment you do decide to carry passengers, you can reduce the risks by taking the following steps: Both you and the passenger should wear approved quad bike helmets. If you are carrying a passenger you should be an experienced and competent quad bike rider. You should tell the passenger how and where to sit, and.

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Right away you can notice how much more weight the utility ATVs can carry than the sport quads. Bu these machine are designed for carrying weight, doing work, and towing. A lot of these machines also have front and rear racks and some even have a seat specifically designed for a passenger. These ATVs were made for carrying the extra weight Never Carry a Passenger Your ATV is designed for one person only. There are no handholds, footrests, or seat for a second person, so never carry a passenger. A passenger could interfere with your ability to move around to maintain your balance and control of the ATV CONS: No passenger room (usually), minimal cargo carrying capacity, straddle seating position, no rollover safety enclosure. UTV. UTVs are generally larger than ATVs, and with that extra space, designers and engineers seem eager to fill them with larger engines and more deluxe features When designing an ATV that is capable of safely carrying a passenger, the manufacturer takes into account weight distribution, includes space for the passenger's feet, seating designed for two, and designated hand holds for the passenger

What is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV)? ATVs, also known riding as or carrying passengers, riding on the road, and not wearing a helmet. 4 . best practices for ATV safety should be given basic safety information to help them understand the importance of this issue ATV Laws for Hunting in Oregon. ATVs are popular tools for hunters. Hunters must follow the same rules as other ATV operators. This includes displaying an ATV operating permit, carrying an ATV Safety Education Card, observing the same training and equipment requirements, adhering to sound level regulations and riding only on designated routes Passengers: Never carry a passenger on a quad bike. The long seat is for active riding, operators shifting their body weight backwards and forwards for different slope conditions, and is not for carrying passengers. Route Planning: Over rough terrain get to know your own ground and stick to planned routes where possible

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  1. If your child does ride an ATV, make sure you understand and follow the rules of your state. Visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) online for this information. This applies even if your child won't be steering the ATV. Many states don't allow passengers to ride unless the ATV is specifically designed to carry two people. Safety.
  2. No passengers: Most ATVs are meant to be used by a single driver. Drivers of ATVs designed for single riders should never take on passengers. Passengers are generally not recommended on any ATV because they can affect the vehicle's balance and make it hard for the driver to stay in control. Children and teens younger than 16 years old should.
  3. • Driver must carry the registration permit of the ATV/ORV or a true copy • No passengers under the age of 8 • Driver and passengers must wear an approved motorcycle helmet securely fastened under the chin by the chin strap • Drivers and passengers on ORVs must occupy a seating position with a seat belt which must be worn properl

Your ATV is designed for one person only. There are no handholds, footrests, or seat for a second person, so never carry a passenger. A passenger could interfere with your ability to move around to maintain your balance and control of the ATV. 38 08/07/07 14:18:40 32HP4620 001 The Big Red measures 114.7 long and 64 wide. Ground clearance is 10.3 and the turning radius is 13.8'. The bed, which tilts to dump, can carry up to 1,000 lbs, and the UTV can tow up to 1,500 lbs. The Big Red weighs in at a hefty 1,433 lbs, but it can carry a driver and passenger. PROS: Passenger seating, dump bed with generous.

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  1. Suzuki Australia has always maintained a clear position with regard to the fitment of Operator Protection Devices (OPD) on All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) and remains firm in the view that the best manner to protect riders is mandating the use of helmets, rider training, not allowing underage riders to operate an ATV, never carrying passengers on an ATV and never operating an ATV whilst under the.
  2. If your ATV has 60/40, it says that 60% of the whole weight is the front, and 40% in the rear. But most ATV have 50/50 weight distribution. When riding upon a steep hill, you should never have a passenger behind no matter what. The weight of ATV must be balance, if not, there is a chance the ATV might flip backward when climbing up on a hill
  3. imum and only carry one family member at a time, you can easily go with an ATV vehicle
  4. You can expect an average rated capacity of around 7-800 pounds (318-363 kilos). The total weight of passengers also plays a role in the rated capacity on different models. As you can see from the listed vehicle weights above, many ATVs carry some serious weight to them, especially when you include the weight of all fluids, passengers, and cargo
  5. ed amount if you cause an accident. It will also cover the cost of your legal fees if you are sued

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Carrying a pasgenger thig ATV. AN HAPPEN reduces your ability to balance and control thisATV Cou'd cause an accident, resulting in harm to you and/or passenger Never carry a passenger The long seat is to allow the operator to shift position as needed dunng operation. It is not far carrying passengers · Carrying handle and easy storage on or off the watercraft. · Perfect for storing wet clothes away from the rest of your gear or to transport gear to/from the watercraft. · Quick-attach fasteners to secure the bag in place inside the storage bin. · Designed to be installed with the Storage Bin Organizer (295100835) for a complete set-u Another important consideration is steering. The driver or operator of an ATV uses handlebars to turn the vehicle. With an ATV, the driver and passengers will sit in a straddle position. Usually, an ATV is designed for a single rider; however, there are others that can carry the operator, along with one passenger

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Sometimes referred to as SxS, side-by-side ATVs are popular with families who need ample carrying capacity for cargo or passengers. They have suspensions equal to sports ATVs and large motors The wrist restraints connect to the wrists and the seat belt. They do count as handholds in most cases if you need to comply with that law. Check out this pair of Red Crow Wrist Restraints For A UTV here on Amazon to get an idea of what you're looking for. These will keep your child from sticking their arms out of the side by side while. The minimum recommended age for this ATV model is 16. Children under age 16 should never operate this vehicle. Your ATV is designed for one person only. There are no handholds, footrests, or seat for a second person so never carry a passenger. A passenger could interfere with your ability to move around to maintain your balance and control of. 3. Do not at any time carry passengers in this cart. It has not been designed to carry passengers. 4. Never allow children to operate the tractor or the cart attachment. 5. Do not allow adults to operate the tractor or cart attachment without proper instructions. 6 Whether you're looking for an ATV to work, hunt, fish or play in the mud, TRACKER Off Road connects every individual to a higher-quality outdoor experience. Built in partnership with the military DNA technology of defense leader Textron, Tracker four wheelers are built rugged and dependable with world-class power and torque to take on any.

3.1. Driver and passenger deaths and their characteristics. There were 1,701 ATV rider deaths reported in FARS during 2007-2011: 368 in 2007, 377 in 2008, 335 in 2009, 316 in 2010, and 305 in 2011. The 1,701 deaths included 1,482 drivers (87%), 210 passengers (12%), and 9 people (1%) for whom rider type was not known Titan Ramps Rear ATV Drop Basket 41 Wide 42 lb. Steel Mesh Hunting Fishing. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 727. $129.99. $129. . 99. Carry extra gear and supplies on the Titan Ramps ATV Rear Cargo Basket, which is easy to load up, unlike standard storage boxes and backpacks. Carry extra gear and supplies on the Titan Ramps ATV Rear Cargo Basket, which is. The best-selling automatic 4x4 ATV in the world, now smoother, stronger, and more versatile than ever. 2019 Sportsman® 570 EPS Sage Green is rated 4.4 out of 5 by 1178 . Rated 4 out of 5 by Caretaker from Awesome for a farm

Turkey Bay Off-Highway Vehicle Area and Campground. Riding times are dawn to dark, with permit. We are open 7 days a week. Any closures due to saturated soil conditions will be posted on our Alerts page. Always Call Before You Haul (800-525-7077 or 270-924-2000) or check Alerts online (Photo by laserbub). Use an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) When: 1. You need to be nimble. ATVs are best suited for making quick turns. They operate well in tight woods, and are great for situations. ATV bags, which are made to fit your ATV and offer space to store all kinds of items and accessories, are tough, capable, and handy to have on your vehicle. Whether you're looking for better storage space or a more convenient way to carry your gear, an ATV bag is the perfect solution

Call our toll free line 1-866-667-6288 to talk to a gearhead who cna help you find the best ATV accessories so you can get back to riding. Get the largest selection of ATV parts and accessories delivered to your door and free 3-day shipping on any order more than $79 (certain restrictions apply) from MotoSport For safety and training information, see your dealer or call the ATV Safety Institute at 1-800-887-2887. ATVs can be hazardous to operate. For your safety: Always avoid paved surfaces. Never ride on public roads. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Never carry passengers. Never engage in stunt riding POLARIS Sportsman X2 550. 2012 - 2013. The 2012 Polaris Sportsman X2 550 is the perfect way to blend in work and play. Thanks to a 3-step convertible system, this ATV can go from two-up riding fun. Offers the highest carrying capacity of any 2-Up ATV (400 lbs./18.4 kg.) in an easy-to-dump, deep-sided box. SWITCH FROM WORK TO PLAY IN 10 SECONDS. 1-RIDER WORK MODE 2-UP PLAY MODE ALL NEW! Sportsman X2 700 EFI TRANSFORMING SEAT Passenger seat folds up and out of the rear dump box to go from 1-rider work mode to 2-Up play mode in three easy.

Featuring a pick-up-truck-type design, the Kawasaki MULE™ concept revolutionized the lightweight utility vehicle. Powered by a liquid-cooled 454cc twin-cylinder engine mounted in an open-cab utility chassis with independent front and rear suspension, and rolling on four all-terrain tires with rear differential lock feature, the MULE 1000 utility vehicle was an immediate success The KingQuad 500AXi is not just an ATV, it's a KingQuad ATV.;; Suzuki, the inventor of the 4-wheel ATV, has created the world's best sports-utility quad with bold styling plus more capability and reliability than ever before. The legacy of the iconic KingQuad remains fresh and exciting, and is ready for you to join its history seated position in the designated passenger's seat, and wear all protective gear. ALWAYS Follow the Manufacturer's Minimum Age Recommendation Warning Label on the ATV. Two-up ATVs will have this label Operating this ATV if you are under the age of 16 increases the chances of severe injury or death to both operator and passenger • Operating an ATV on paved surfaces can be hazardous because of handling issues. • Riding on paved roads is a leading cause of ATV-related fatalities. • Only carry a passenger if your machine is designed by the manufacturer to carry another person; most are not

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All-terrain vehicle safety How much do you know? 1. What does the O letter in the START-GO acronym mean? 2. Tire pressure may cause ATVs to handle improperly. True or false? 3. How many passengers, at most, are ATVs designed to carry? a) none b) one c) two d) three 4. What is the most important piece of safety gear needed for riding an ATV? a. Never carry a passenger. Extra riders can limit the operator's ability to steer and control the vehicle and can interfere with the operator's ability to shift his or her weight properly. A passenger is allowable only if the ATV was designed for two people. Do not allow children to ride with the operator during work tasks NO Passengers This vehicle was designed for operation ONLY by the operator, (Driver). The load limit and seat configuration is designed for the operator ONLY. It is not safe to carry passengers on the vehicle. ADULT Supervision and Instruction are REQUIRED. This vehicle MUST NOT be operated by a youth without Adult supervision and instructions

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  1. Don't carry passengers. Most ATVs are designed for one person at a time. Carrying a passenger can make them very difficult to control and be very dangerous. Maintain proper maintenance. A pre-ride checklist can help make sure your ATV is functioning properly and safe to drive. The fuel and oil, tires, brakes, steering, chain, radiator and.
  2. A SxS or UTV will be best for you if you're a less experienced rider who will be more comfortable with familiar car-like operating controls, prefer a less physically demanding style of riding required by an ATV, want to carry passengers, or for whom safety is a top priority and would like seatbelts and a roll cage
  3. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, four out of every 10 people treated each year in emergency rooms for ATV injuries are under age 16. In 1993, the Iowa Department of Public Health reported at least 50 injuries (including one fatality and nine hospitalizations) from farm-related ATV accidents
  4. For most ATV enthusiasts, a good quad trailer is a crucial ingredient. However, if you're looking to get your first trailer — or your undersized trailer is taking the fun out of ATV time — we can help. See what we recommend for the convenient features you want, as well as how many ATVs you can haul with these trailers
  5. With 56 horsepower and 45 lb-ft of torque, the Burgman 650 has more than enough pep to carry passengers. For riders restricted to urban environs, Suzuki's maxi-scooter may be the perfect.
  6. Never carry passengers. Our ATVs are designed for a single rider only; Never ride your ATV on paved roads, they are designed for OFF ROAD USE ONLY!! Never let a child ride any size ATV without adult supervision; We recommend that children under the age of 16 ride ATVs 90cc and under, any larger ATV will require additional training and experienc
  7. The Frontier 600 and 700 have a tow capacity of 1,200 lb. These vehicles are designed to carry 4 people on land, but only two in water. Both models also have a fuel capacity of 7.1 gallons. Bench seat, with side by side seating for driver and passenger. Standard upgrades like brush guards and winch are available. Argo Frontier 600 6×

An all-terrain vehicle ( ATV) rear rack is a metal rack that mounts behind the operator's seat on the vehicle. Used to carry gear, tools and other supplies, the ATV rear rack is a versatile accessory and is typically an often-used component on an ATV. Usually constructed from light-duty, mild steel or aluminum, the ATV rear rack is often powder. 5. Position the tailgate reinforcement bracket on outside of cart as shown in figure 2. Assemble to the bottom of the cart body using four 5/16 x 3/4 truss head bolts and 5/16 nylock nuts. Do not tighten yet. See figure 2. 6. Position the tailgate guides on the inside of the cart bodies with guide channels to the front as shown in figure 2 Depending on the state you live in, odds are a helmet, whether open-face or full-face, is a required piece of equipment for all ATV riders and passengers. Helmets are the single most effective means of preventing head injuries, some of which could result in a permanent disability or even death The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Finding the Best 4×4 ATV . Are you in the market for a new 4×4 ATV? Whether you're looking to buy or finance your first or your fifth, buying a new ATV is something that takes a lot of thought and research.. Almost 230,000 ATVs are sold within North America every year, and 4×4 ATVs also called quads, are by far the most popular

One of the best things about UTVs is that they're big enough to pack along a variety of things that just aren't practical on a motorcycle or even an ATV. Most UTVs include beds which are designed to carry your gear. This is nice and all, but you've got to consider how it's going to stay there through every bump All-terrain vehicles are designed primarily for off-road travel and are no more than 50 inches wide. They may have three or more low-pressure tires and handle bars for steering. They do not include lawn tractors, battery-powered children's toys, or a vehicle that is required to be licensed or titled for highway use. Titling an ATV

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Carrying passengers, particularly children, even for a short distance can be dangerous. UNSW research The University of NSW (UNSW), Traffic and Road Safety (TARS) team has completed a number of tests intended to measure the stability, handling and crashworthiness characteristics of All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) and Side by Side vehicles (SSV. With ATV & Jeep Adventure tours when you get on your ATV you're on the dirt ready to play, there is no riding on the road to get to the trail to start your tour. Also, for our Adventure Van Tours, we start at our physical location located at 1324 s Sandhill Dr. Washington, UT. 84780. We also have the option to pick you up for an Adventure Van. Riding Safely While Carrying Passengers . When you're carrying passengers on your motorcycle, you'll need to make some adjustments your riding. A passenger's extra weight will substantially affect your bike's handling characteristics. To help compensate for this difference, remember the following tips: Allow more time and space for passing The 2012 Ranger 6×6 800 is built with unmatched traction and capacity. Key features include a 40 HP 760cc twin-cylinder EFI Engine, independent six-wheel suspension, on-demand true six-wheel drive (6WD) and 2,000 lbs (907.2 kg) of payload/towing capacity. Cab ergonomics deliver outstanding driver and passenger comfort, including tilt steering. Ninety-five percent of all pediatric fatalities were on adult-size vehicles. Victims <6 years old had the highest proportion of girls (24%) and passengers (76%), and the lowest helmet use (17%). More than half of 6- to 11-year-old children were vehicle operators; 1 in 4 were carrying passengers in their own age range

passenger is an adult supervisor. If the ATV is a Type II machine designed to carry passengers, the adult operator must ensure that the passenger meets the height and weight requirements • must meet the manufacturer's recommended minimum age, height, and weight guidelines Prevention ENGINEERING: • Alcohol ignition interlock device The Best Side By Sides For Family Use. Polaris RZR S4 1000- The Hotshot: The Polaris RZR is as of 2019 the best side by side available, especially for families. and there are many things that make the RZR number 1. first of all, the 4 seater version feels very sporty, especially when considering its size and weight. the UTV feels very planted. The ATV was driven by 46-year-old Gordon Keith from Indiana. There were two other passengers on the ATV, 29-year-old Caleb Radulewicz from Van Wert and 20-year-old Kory Kline from Rockford

Wearing an approved helmet is the best way to prevent serious head injury. The Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004 states that if an ATV is being used on a road and there are no seatbelts fitted (most side by sides have seatbelts and roll over protection), the rider or driver and passengers have to wear an approved helmet • Never carry more passengers than the vehicle is designed to carry. The MAX II is a two passenger vehicle and the MAX IV is a four passenger vehicle, the Buffalo is a two passenger model. Do not exceed the passenger total. • Never carry passengers in the cargo area of the ATV at any time The minimum recommended age for this ATV model is 16. Children under age 16 should never operate this vehicle. Refer to the age warnings provided in this manual and on the ATV. Your ATV is designed for one person only. There are no handholds, footrests, or seat for a second person, so never carry a passenger.

A printable brochure of ATV rule and regulation is available. Per 36 CFR 251.55d (Forest Order No. R9-05-17-08 (13) - No operator is allowed to carry passengers unless the machine is specifically designed by manufacturer to carry more than one person while operating an ATV, UTV or motorcycle on National System Trails Can I carry passengers on my quad or ATV on the road? Yes, but only if the vehicle is designed by the manufacturer to take a passenger. There has to be proper passenger provisions, such as a seat and passenger foot pegs. The long seat on a sit-astride vehicle may look like it has room for a passenger, but it must not be used in this way Yamaha changed ATV racing with their high performance 4stroke engines and the engine for the Wolverine X4 is clearly a member of the family, although it comes with an extra cylinder. The new engine is an 847cc, liquid-cooled, parallel twin fed by EFI. Interestingly, the cylinders are not centered over the crankshaft center axis The 2008 Arctic Cat TRV 500 & 650 Plus (Two Rider Vehicle) pioneered the concept of an ATV built to carry two riders in tandem. The best 3-in-1 ATV on the market allows you to ride tandem, remove the seat and replace it with a SpeedRack, or for tougher chores, add a heavy-duty cargo box Never carry passengers or allow more than one person at a time to ride the electric ATV. Attach handlebar clamps and gear position indicator 4. Front wheels installation (repeat steps below for right and left wheels) Riding an ATV with chain in poor condition or improperly adjusted can lead to serious injury

For carrying more passengers, Polaris also is introducing the new RANGER CREW XP 1000. In addition, there are new models across every price point and consumer application.• Polaris GENERAL™ answers the demands of consumers by introducing a new four-seat model and new features on its existing, two-seat model. SPORT ATV. You are now leaving the Honda Powersports web site and entering an independent site. American Honda Motor Co. Inc. is not responsible for the content presented by any independent website, including advertising claims, special offers, illustrations, names or endorsements. Thank you for visiting www.powersports.honda.com

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No. Only one person per quad. Again, it's state law. We DO offer side by side machines that carry 2-5 people. All passengers must be at least 4 years old AND safely fit in the seatbelt restraints. All passengers must wear an appropriately sized helmet also Passengers. Single-Rider. Single-Rider. 2-Passenger. 2-Passenger. Colors. Tan; Green; Grey; Apply Filters. Alterra 450 $6,499 Starting USD* Alterra See Details. New For 2022. Alterra 600 EPS $8,399 Starting USD* Alterra See Details. New For 2022. Alterra 600 LTD. Don't use your ATV under the influence of drugs or alcohol. None. Period. Don't carry passengers on ATVs that are meant for single passengers. Never carry more than the load capacity. Make sure riders under the age of 16 have proper supervision. Ride on designated trails at responsible speeds. Consider an ATV training course for new riders