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Stock Illustrations by Kudryashka 4 / 1,174 Old grandmother Clipart by Seamartini 3 / 2,611 portrait of elderly woman Stock Illustration by Sergieiev 8 / 1,014 Angry Old Lady Drawing by ponytail1414 6 / 164 Cartoon old lady holding a mug About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Drawing by KenBenner 9 / 376 Senior citizen lady with a sign Stock Illustration by KenBenner 15 / 1,444 Pensioner Stock Illustrations by Copestello 7 / 2,206 Woman Forgets To Take Her Medicine Stock Illustration by cteconsulting 12 / 764 Old lady Stock Illustration by yayayoyo 8 / 3,179 Phases of a growing female Drawings by colematt 11 / 1,232. If you want to support my channel please like and share this video and subscribe to channel. Thanks for watching.All The Same - Atch https://soundcloud.com/a.. An elderly woman cooking on the stove. Grandmother. Old woman using a walker. An illustration with face woman old. Old woman. Grumpy Old Lady with a Shopping Cart Cartoon Character. Cartoon of an old lady with glasses. Isolated on white. Old lady doing yoga illustration

1. Begin by drawing an oval. This will help you to outline the woman's face. Woman drawing - step 2. 2. Draw two curved lines descending from the head to form the neck and shoulders. Woman drawing - step 3. 3. Connect the ends of the shoulders using a curved line, simultaneously forming the neck of the dress Mar 9, 2018 - Explore Victoria Lisi's board Drawing Women, followed by 488 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about drawings, portrait drawing, art

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  1. 1,464,423 woman drawing stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See woman drawing stock video clips. of 14,645. silhouette woman lines female eyes sketch vector singing outline human body side beauty face silhouette face vector woman women vector flowers woman face portrait graphic drawing mandalas woman face
  2. May 10, 2019 - Let's get some ideas/inspiration, and free materials for kids drawing! Learn step-by-step drawing, easy to follow and fun drawings. #kidsdrawing #easydrawings #drawinginspiration #howtodraw #fundrawing #freeprintables. See more ideas about easy drawings, drawings, step by step drawing
  3. Choose your favorite old west drawings from 920 available designs. All old west drawings ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee

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  1. How To Draw a Portrait Old Woman Realistic Drawing Time Lapsehow to drawdrawingwith pencilold face drawingportrait drawingrealisticdrawing realisticrealismhy..
  2. Jun 9, 2020 - Explore Alonzo Randolf's board Drawings OF MEN, followed by 113 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about drawings, sketches, art reference
  3. in this drawing tutorial you will learn how to draw a old man step by stepLately we are experiencing a boom in online drawing lessons. You can find a lot of.
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Visit http://sketchbooknation.com for more tutorials like this one. In this drawing, we look at how to draw an old man. This is a seated figure. Simple shape.. Draw a circle for the head. Sketch a cross-like lines. Then, sketch 3 guidelines for the jaw. It should look like a trapezoid or a cup. Sketch the guidelines for the nose and the mouth. Draw the jaw using a pen or any medium for drawing. Remember that this time, it is not a draft. Draw the neck and the ears. The two lines for the neck should be. This gallery features over 100 unique hand studies from quick sketches in sketchbooks to more detailed finished pieces. You'll find hands in all sizes with many poses, and through it all you should find lots of inspiration to get you practicing drawing hands on the regular. Created by @_smurfee 1,642,479 pencil drawing stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See pencil drawing stock video clips. of 16,425. circle pen stroke colored pencil drawing doodle sketch arrow round subjects crayons on wood background hand drawing pencils round pencil face colouring pencil colored pencil drawings

Choose your favorite pencil drawings from 53,438 available designs. Out of all art instruments, pencils are quite unique. Once made using poisonous lead, pencils now contain graphite. They produce dark, solid lines that give special effects to the subject of the piece. Our selection of drawings ranges from people to animals to stationary objects in either black and white or color, perfect for. Signed Paperback Book - Peggy Dean's Guide to Nature Drawing & Watercolor: Learn to Sketch, Ink, and Paint Flowers, Plants, Trees and Animals-----This fun and easy-to-use nature drawing and watercolor guide is perfect for anyone inspired by nature to draw, doodle, ink, and paint colorful flora and fauna.Artist, author, and popular art instructor Peggy Dean presents this nature drawing. Even though every penis is perfect, Elite Daily asked a group of women to draw their ideal penis. View this video on YouTube youtube.com / Via youtube.com

I put this at the top of the list. new cute easy pictures to draw for your boyfriend tumblr. Anyone with a ruler, coloring pen, and drawing pen can try these simple drawing ideas. Remember, drawing practice is as important as the materials you use. You should use quality drawing supplies to get the reward of your work If you want to take your drawing to the next level, make the body outlines for your female figures proportionally correct. Instead of freehand drawing the body, create a simple grid of lines and make horizontal lines that are spaced accurately between the shoulder, chest, waist, hips, and knees Woman. Senior Man. Very Old Man. Selfie. Doctor. Man. Old People. Family. Clip Art by Sylverarts 3 / 587 Old man shouting angrily Stock Illustration by Noedelhap 3 / 1,364 Old Man Clipart by indomercy 8 / 984 Old Man Drawing by VIPDesignUSA 3 / 338 Old Man Stock Illustration by Xochicalco 2 / 184 Old man Clip Art by VIPDesignUSA 9 / 332 3d. 2. Draw the hips. For the hips, stop going down and gradually start going out. The hips should be wider on the woman than they would be on a drawing of a man, and the shoulders should be less broad as well. Draw in a mark for the groin so that you know where the legs are going to start

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Thanks to four-pronged pen head design, this eyebrow pen is easier to draw natural eyebrows than the ordinary eyebrow pencil on the market. You can easy get a natural wild eyebrow, increasing the natural makeup. With unique four fork tip head, you can draw the contour of eyebrow and continue to color. 6 Learn How to Draw a Face from the Side Profile View (Female / Girl / Woman) Simple Steps Drawing Lesson for Beginners. Written-Out Step by Step Drawing Instructions (Step 1) Lightly draw a circle guide line. All guide lines in this tutorial are in blue and will be erased later. (Step 2) Lightly draw guidelines through the center how to draw a woman face step by step for beginners. This is a pretty good result. Now move on! Similarly, start working with other basic shapes, such as a triangle, square, cube, octagon, etc. This should keep you busy for a while. Remember that this is a titanic task if your first drawing was a circle from this lesson

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Oct 15, 2020 - Explore Vladodlak Blagojevic's board Female face drawing, followed by 259 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about face drawing, sketches, drawings This easy, step-by-step woman's profile drawing guide can show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. Then, you can use the steps you learned to make sketches of friends and family. If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Ballerina, Jessica Rabbit, and Face Riesenauswahl und aktuelle Trends. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic

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  1. The drawings are very realistic and truly amazing. Many of these are portraits of celebrities. Other similar posts: Pencil Drawings or Photoshopped? (29 pics)Masterpieces made with a pencil (41 photos)Stunning pencil drawings (53 pics)Beautiful Collection of Pencil Drawings (20 pics
  2. If you are amazed by the traditional art form, please let us present the collection 50 amazing pencil drawings that will inspire your creativity. These artworks find their inspirations from various sources, such as sci-fi movie characters, men and women, kids and old people, animals, natural landscapes and much more
  3. 1,631,832 woman silhouette stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See woman silhouette stock video clips. of 16,319. vector pole dance pin-up girl professional woman gatherin woman face exposure sunrise retreat people wine silhouette female retro silhouette girls digital painting women group concept woman.
  4. Browse 71 nudes Pencil Drawings artworks for sale. Contemporary artists: Ronald Weisberg, Judith Fritchman, Hongtao Huang, Yuriy Ivashkevych, Dantes Coleman, Mel Beasley, Ricardo Saraiva, Paul Anton, Alejandro Del Valle, Ron Hittle offering Pencil Drawings artworks. Links to more artworks by these contemporary artists and 3 pages for Drawing Pencil and further artists at the bottom of this page
  5. Here are collected simple cool black and white and color drawings, which will be interesting and easy to draw for both children and adults. For drawers who love to draw clothes and future fashion designers, we have put together a gallery - pictures of clothes for sketching. Such pictures will help to acquire skills in sketching clothes
  6. Elite Daily asked several women to draw their ideal penis. Using a ruler, they obliged. Some were reluctant. Some eagerly took to the task. This is actually my favorite thing to do, is to draw penises, one participant said. If this somewhat NSFW video proves anything, it's that penis preference is about as diverse as artistic talent
  7. They are usually clear skinned, simple and without any kind of enhancement to their face. They do not photograph as it's considered vain; something the old order abhors. The women do not cover their faces but for all intents and purposes they are cloaked to the world. Here are some rare photographs that depict Amish beauty and grace

Vector illustration Stock Illustrations by mcherevan 27 / 1,237 Sailboat Stock Illustrations by fredgoldstein 7 / 1,262 Sailboat Drawings by MIRO3D 3 / 258 Sailboat Stock Illustration by keeweegirl 1 / 133 sailboat at sea icon Stock Illustrations by file404 11 / 610 Emblem of Yacht Clip Art by oxygen64 8 / 1,384 auto and boat racing Clip Art by. I put this at the top of the list. new cute easy pictures to draw for your boyfriend tumblr. Anyone with a ruler, coloring pen, and drawing pen can try these simple drawing ideas. Remember, drawing practice is as important as the materials you use. You should use quality drawing supplies to get the reward of your work The article carries later into categories: How to draw a girl anime (four easy steps to learn) How to draw a girl easily (example as well) Drawing girl easy After this, we will let us not drag the conversation, and get straight to point of drawing a girl step by step in an easy way: Understand the outline of the head as well: Now, the main step.

But this drawing lesson will show you how to draw a face, one way. There are many different approaches. Some easy, and some much more complex. It's easiest if you use some kind of reference photo. However, if you are just learning how to draw faces don't worry too much about trying to capture the likeness. That comes later Get ready to get your mind blown by this piece of extra-ordinary art. This 3D pencil drawing shows a beautiful girl asleep. The creases of the sheets add authenticity to it. It gives us an immense pleasure. The angle shown in this drawing is enough to confuse our brains and made us think how creative pencil drawing could be. Careful, Snake Ahea

Choose your favorite native american drawings from 2,953 available designs. Native Americans are proud people who scouted land and built huts in the past. Our selection of drawings highlights tribes when they harvested food and battled in strategic locations of the wild. During this era, hunting wasn't easy, so tactical tribes occupied the land by making arrows and spears out of items that. Draw a small nose near the center of the oval. Cartoon girls are typically drawn with simple, rounded noses. Don't make the nose rigid or defined or it could look too masculine. To draw the nose, start with your pencil at the point where the vertical and horizontal lines intersect Signed Paperback Book - Peggy Dean's Guide to Nature Drawing & Watercolor: Learn to Sketch, Ink, and Paint Flowers, Plants, Trees and Animals-----This fun and easy-to-use nature drawing and watercolor guide is perfect for anyone inspired by nature to draw, doodle, ink, and paint colorful flora and fauna.Artist, author, and popular art instructor Peggy Dean presents this nature drawing. 11 Easy Sketches to Draw with a Pencil for Beginners for 2020. 3. Draw an abstract combination of spots. Unleash your imagination, imagine yourself a creator and get the most out of the play of color, from how the paint flows and mixes, what new shapes and shades you observe. Cast aside doubts and fears Leonardo da Vinci Drawings. The Vitruvian Man - by Leonardo da Vinci. Self Portrait - by Leonardo da Vinci. Embryo in the Womb - by Leonardo da Vinci. La Bella Principessa - by Leonardo da Vinci. Two Horsemen Fighting a Dragon - by Leonardo da Vinci. A Horseman in Combat with a Griffin - by Leonardo da Vinci

It is very simple and won't take you more than a couple of minutes to complete it, once you learn this basic sequence. This picture is a completed drawing of angel wings. Click on the picture to see it in its full size and observe how simple that really is. If necessary print it out A butterfly is a symbol of transformation. 2. Tribal Sun Simple Tattoo. Tribal sun tattoo drawings were used by the Aztecs for their rituals. It represents their devotion to their god. 3. Samurai Tattoo Designs Drawings. Samurais are the ancient Japanese warriors who devoted their lives to protect their people. 4 Draw the outline of the iris and pupil. Lightly draw a circle that takes up about 1/2 of the eyeball to create the iris. The circle should be slightly hidden by the eyelid, which will give the eye a sense of depth. Then, draw a much smaller circle near the center of the eye to make the pupil

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Figure Drawing Made Easy for Kids with Alphabet Letters Technique. With the following methods, children have been known to draw better than they have ever drawnso read on. Drawing Figures & People in Action & Motion. How to draw people and human figures in action and movement, such as jumping, walking, twisting, and running When you want to add depth to your art work, photorealistic pencil drawings assure most stunning illustrations. Whether you are looking to draw a portrait or a landscape, pencil drawing would be a brilliant idea. 331+ FREE GRAPHIC Templates - Download Now Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe InDesign (INDD & IDML), Apple (MAC. Similar Designs. Harley Absorber 1925 Patent Art Drawing. Prior Art Design. $23. $19. More from This Artist. Similar Designs. Harley Davidson Original Artwork,Motorcycle quote,Four wheels move the body,Two wheels move the soul Drawing. Drawspots Illustrations

Measure the length of the face and draw a ruler to the side of your drawing using a straight edge. Then divide it into 8 equal spaces length-wise. Label each of the ticks like the image on the left and once you're done, use a ruler to carefully draw faint lines on the face through the ticks labelled: CENTER LINE, 2, 3, A and C blacks in this detail from a crayon drawing. Giovanni Battista (Giambattista) Piazzetta (Italian, 1682-1754) Detail from A Young Woman Buying a Pink from a Young Man, about 1740 Black crayon (wetted and rubbed) heightened with white chalk, on blue laid paper (faded to green-gray), 42.7 x 54.9 centimeter Drawings by vladstar 12 / 2,028 Illustrations of motorcycle Drawings by leonido 8 / 283 Motorcycle and Driver Stock Illustrations by derocz 8 / 1,631 motorcycle Stock Illustrations by begun1983 2 / 376 old motorcycle Drawing by mayboro 11 / 870 Motorcycle-09 Drawing by silverrose1 8 / 490 red motorcycle Stock Illustration by ranker666 12.

For example, imagine your five-year-old attempts to draw a tiger. The result is a few orange shapes with black lines and a smiley face. At age seven, he draws a tiger again, this time adding the contours of the snout, toes of the feet, and claws By this time drawing will be easy. At this point you have completed 26 hours worth of easy to follow, step by step training modules and are very confident with your drawing ability. If you haven't already started drawing your friends and family members, you will have no problem doing so. With a bit more practice under your belt you will be able. If you want to draw a girl or a woman in a cartoon way, it may be hard to find a tutorial that shows how to draw a female body without sexualizing it. It's true that the cartoon style uses simplification and exaggeration to be more effective, but it doesn't mean that you can draw the female form in only one way—even if it's a pin-up drawing 133,032 horse drawing stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See horse drawing stock video clips. of 1,331. horse horse pen drawing silhouette of horse head horse head etching standing cowboy abstract clip art horses horses sketches horse line draw sketches horse kids drawing animals. Try these curated collections Pencil drawings can be rendered in so much photorealistic detail as to fool the eye, while a line drawing has the ability to communicate volumes more than what is shown on paper. Indeed, the humble pencil can be a powerful and versatile tool in the hands of a skilled and inspired artist. Whether you're looking for highly detailed pencil drawings, rough sketches, colored pencil drawings.

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  1. 1. 8311. picasso line hand drawing. - Advertisement -. - Advertisement -. Pablo Picasso painted a huge number of paintings, tens of thousands of paintings - so many that no one knows all of his works, even his professional biographers. But among the whole mass of his immense creative heritage, one can distinguish most famous and especially.
  2. If so, simply follow this easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial to learn how. You will need a piece of paper, an eraser, and a drawing implement, such as a pencil. You may also want to have crayons, colored pencils, or markers on hand to color your completed wolf. Each step in this drawing guide is illustrated with a detailed picture
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  4. Japanese painting (絵画, kaiga, also gadō 画道) is one of the oldest and most highly refined of the Japanese visual arts, encompassing a wide variety of genres and styles.As with the history of Japanese arts in general, the long history of Japanese painting exhibits synthesis and competition between native Japanese aesthetics and the adaptation of imported ideas, mainly from Chinese.
  5. Don't draw them as simple straight lines, but rather as narrow Y shapes (normal and upside down). Step 10. Make the hair elevated along the parting. Step 11. Outline the whole hair, following the rhythm of strands. Don't press too hard—hair is soft and shouldn't have a hard outline. Step 12
  6. That is how we treat them - as creative entertainment! Today we will share with you one of them - drawing circles. aesthetic girl with butterfly sketch. aesthetic girl with birds drawing. pencil sketch of woman face. tutorial how to draw lips step by step. boy with skull drawing easy. fat man drawing reference. poses human anatomy drawing.

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Download 3,361 Female Head Profile Line Drawing Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart for FREE or amazingly low rates! New users enjoy 60% OFF. 168,433,786 stock photos online Please note that www.PabloPicasso.org is a private website, unaffiliated with Pablo Picasso or his representative

Chennai, India - October 29, 2018: Portrait of two simple Indian kids from rural area posing and smiling for picture. An indian child and mustard flower. A beautiful indian innocent girl child in white dress sitting near yellow mustard flower field. Portrait of an India girl with sadness in her eyes Wizard Stock Illustration by yayayoyo 29 / 2,882 Jolly Old Wizard In A Star Robe Drawing by HitToon 21 / 2,852 Wizard Stock Illustration by JSlavy 12 / 1,086 Conjuring wizard Stock Illustration by Wampa 22 / 855 Funny Wizard Waving With Magic Wand Drawings by HitToon 26 / 1,900 Wizard with staff Clipart by Dazdraperma 11 / 1,124 Wizard Clipart. In halloween, spirits and fear hat scary face magic woman holiday costume wicked fantasy black spooky celebration background evil symbol. Colorful hand drawing: Old ugly witch flying on a broom. Halloween drawing on white background. Ugly witch at Carnival parade, Stuttgart. STUTTGART, GERMANY - MARCH 5: dressed up ugly witch in parade under.

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This sketch is really very easy to learn. Just a few strokes and you got yourself a tower. Teach your kid to draw a tower with this easy drawing template. Perfect for a three to five year old child. Sunflower Easy Drawing Templat 9. Painting Craft: Enjoy the gorgeous glow from painted old jam jars or mason jars that can create beautiful candle holders with tea lights placed in them from craft activities for adults. Speciality: Make beautiful silhouette candle jars that are easy to create and give as gifts, and never go out of fashion Epic Art 'Northmen' by Nicklas Gustafsson, Acrylic Glass Wall Art - 12x16. Northmen by Nicklas Gustafsson printed on crystal clear acrylic glass. Digital illustration of a viking helmet with horns and features an old Norse prayer, from the fury of the Northmen deliver us, O Lord, popular throughout Europe The Okayama-based prodigy spends more than 200 hours on each pencil drawing, and his attention to detail is strikingly evident. Thanks to carefully-placed shading, ultra-thin lines, and a remarkably steady hand, Ohmori's black and white drawings look as if they're going to jump right off the page

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Top 15 Easy and Simple Nail Art Designs for Beginners. 1. Red French Manicure Tips and White Polka Dots: Break the monotony of usual white French manicure. Jazz it up with red glitter nail paint in the nail tips. Try the combination of white polka dots in the base of the nail design A simple line, a drop of ink, a brush swing, all parts of a greater effort that simply changes the world, in increments. It shapes an universe in which everything is possible, one in which color, line and texture are infinitely valuable and powerful. Step in this realm. Pick up your pencil and simply, draw. Related Article

As you can see the man in my drawing instruction drawn in a very simple style, so everyone can draw him using my guide. Step 1. At first draw an oval as a guide for the head of our man. Step 2. Sketch out the eyes using simple dots and eyebrows using curved lines. Step 3 Pictionary words for kids can be hard to find, especially if you are playing with a diverse age group. Find all the fun Pictionary words for kids you need to make sure everyone has a great time

The best simple house floor plans. Find square, rectangle, 1-2 story, single pitch roof, country & more building designs! Call 1-800-913-2350 for expert help 3. Your smartphone. Come on, you always have this on you. Pull it out, lay it down, and start drawing. 4. Cup of coffee. Drawing is a great activity to couple with your morning coffee. Whether it's black coffee in an old mug or a fancy latte, this is one you should definitely try. 5 50 1. black and white bunch. 65 9. drawing portrait pencil. 133 16. abstract skull planet. 81 9. dragon silhouette black. 72 2 283 Free images of Butterfly Drawing. Related Images: butterfly drawing insect animal nature butterflies wing flying art black Roll a die and see what kind of robot you will draw. This game challenges children to draw while working on simple geometry - shape drawing and recognition. Monster Math does the same with numbers and monsters! Keeping a nature journal is a fun side hobby for those who like sketching, drawing, and making art

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Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Draw Children. This post is part of a series called How to Draw Cartoons. As a cartoonist and a recent father (of one lovely six month old princess), drawing babies and children takes on a new meaning to me. The difference between the drawing of an adult and a drawing of a baby, a child or a teenager is directly. To make it easy to digest, I split the tutorial up into 3 parts: How to draw a face from the front, side and 3/4 view. This is part 1 of 3. I came up with the original methods in these 3 tutorials by measuring over a dozen adult faces, so each tutorial carries over the same measuring techniques These easy drawing tutorials demonstrate 9 different wants to draw skulls! These skull drawing tutorials are perfect for Halloween or Day of the Dead. Cute Doodle Monsters. Learn how to draw cute doodle monsters! This fun easy lesson show you how to turn simple doodles into whimsical monsters Brush drawing in grey-brown and white distemper on linen tinted dark grey. The Annunciation (1500) Louvre, Paris. Pen and ink. • Michelangelo (1475-1564) Ignudo (c.1511) Louvre, Paris. (study for Genesis Fresco) Black chalk with traces of white over stylus. Ideal Head of a Woman (c.1525-8) British Museum, London. Black chalk Easy women can be thick-skinned in two ways: one, they aren't easily fazed by the crowd so they do what they want to do even if it's actually embarrassing for them; two, they wear A LOT of makeup. Wearing a lot of makeup shows your insecurity and this could easily translate into how badly you want to please people, especially men. Therefore.

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Art CANVAS painting Wall Art, Modern abstract art 32 x 24 x 1.5each Wall Décor Set of 3 stripes Total size 96 x 24 Wall Decor Set of 3. AsiyaBajwa. From shop AsiyaBajwa. $940.00 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites The master draughtsman, Rembrandt van Rijn produced thousands of drawings during his distinguished career. This was an artist of experimentation, culminating in the use of all manner of media in this format. His favourites would include red or black chalk, inks with quill or reed pens, brush and also washes 8 Steps to Drawing a Brick Wall in Perspective. Draw a Cool Girl Cartoon With These Easy Steps. Steps on How To Apply Spray Fixative to Artwork. Tips on How to Draw From Your Imagination. Measuring Proportions: Use Your Hand and a Pencil. Portrait Sketching 101: How to Sketch Faces How To Draw For Kids. Here is where you'll find every single on of our how to draw lessons! It's a massive drawing library! You'll find lessons for young and old kids. You'll find everything from how to draw cupcakes to how to draw sharks. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a marker and follow along with us How to Draw a Boy and Girl in Love With Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial for Kids. Today, I'll show you how to draw two super cute kids, a boy and a girl, who are crushing on each other (puppy love). We try to make it pretty simple for you to draw by showing you how to draw it using simple geometric shapes, alphabet letters, and numbers

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Easyriders was the first full-fledged, lifestyle-related bike rag. Since Easyriders third issue, Dave Mann has led the biker magazine industry by capturing the essence of a changing lifestyle in the epic center-spreads. Due to his failing health, Dave Mann was forced to retire from Easyriders in 2003 — the years of paint fumes had. My western and cowboy pencil drawings stem from growing up on my grandfathers ranch in Wyoming. Ranching is an extremely difficult occupation, and it didn't take long for me to realize that it wasn't the way I wanted to spend the rest of my life. Black and white images produced by artists always seem to remind everyone of the old west. The.

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