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As mentioned, the soul urge number highlights your heart's true desires. That's especially important in a relationship, as many of us turn away from our heart's desires, thanks to the influence of the other core numbers. For example, you may find your partner has a magnetic personality that draws you in Once you have your number and theirs, you can compare how compatible your heart's desires are. Each number has core values that influence their personality, and how they approach love and relationships, so be sure to read both and see if there are enough common points for your partnership to thrive Heart's Desire and Soul Urge Number 22 Compatibility Generally speaking, when it comes to your Heart's Desire and Soul Urge, as a Number 22, you tend to have great romantic relationships with other Master Numbers 11 and 33, albeit this relationship could be very intense indeed Heart's Desire and Soul Urge Number 5 Compatibility Generally speaking, when it comes to your Heart's Desire and Soul Urge, as a Number 5, you tend to have great romantic relationships with Numbers 3 and 7 The Heart's Desire Number fulfills the function of a beacon guiding you through life; in numerology, it is more known as the Number of Spiritual Aspiration. This is the number responsible for your desires, aspirations, for what you are inclined to

The heart's desire number provides a clue to your inner resources. It indicates what your foundation is apt to be — that which is closely aligned with what you sense is your purpose in life, that from which your enthusiasm and energy springs. Get your heart's desire reading with the form below With the Heart's Desire Number displaying your likes and dislikes you may wish to keep this reading private. To learn more about your Heart's Desire there is an excellent reading available. This provides you an understanding of how you are affected by the Heart's Desire Number

The Soul Urge Number of each partner you meet will teach you a lot about yourself, so ensure that you regard each relationship as a teacher. Your most compatible numbers are the 2, 4, 8 and the 22. Your least compatible numbers (though the ones where you have most to learn) are the 3 and 5 When calculating the Heart's Desire Number or Soul Urge Number you will use all the vowels that appear in your birth name, which includes your middle name and your surname. Here is an example of how to calculate the Heart's Desire Number by hand for Jane Lauren Smith. J A N E L A U R E N S M I T 3 Steps To Calculate Your Soul Urge / Heart's Desire Number. The soul urge number is one of the significant numbers in numerology. Just like the other numbers like angel numbers, twin flame numbers, destiny numbers, life path numbers, personality number, and birthday numbers, it tries to link your life with numbers that resonate with you In numerology, love compatibility takes on many different forms, and understanding how these forms interact is important for making the most of your numerology chart and your life. From life path numbers to one's soul urge number, there are many areas where companions may meet or disagree Sometimes called the Heart's desire, the Soul Urge number along with your Expression Number, Life Path Number, Day/Destiny Number and Personality Number are considered the five most important Numerological symbols in a person's life

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Generally, however, the more numerology compatibility a couple has, the easier it is for them to create the marriage they want. Compatibility is a degree or percentage. No couple is 100% compatible nor is any couple 0% compatible. Compatibility is a percentage somewhere between 0% and 100% The Heart's Desire number, sometimes called Soul Urge, is based on the vowels in your full name at birth. The vowels are A, E, I, O, and U. Numerology considers all other letters to be consonants, except, in some cases, the letter Y If you have a Y in your name enter it below to find out if it's a vowel or consonant The Soul Urge Number of each partner you meet will teach you a lot about yourself, so ensure that you regard each relationship as a teacher. Your most compatible numbers are the 1, 2, and the 22. Your least compatible numbers (though the ones where you have most to learn) are the 3 and 5 Your Heart's Desire number reveals your desires at the very deepest level, and ultimately explains the reason for many of your actions. Many times these desires are so deep they are invisible even to ourselves -- much less to others -- and therefore can take many years and much self-realization to surface To find your Heart's Desire Number, add together the numerical values of all of the vowels in your name - first, middle and last. If you have more than one middle name and you were given it at birth, include it. For example, Elizabeth Marie Rogers would extract the vowels in her name and add them up: 5 + 9 + 1 + 5 +1 + 9 + 5 + 6 + 5 = 46

People with Heart's Desire Number 9 very like to travel. They are tolerant and broad in viewpoints, dislike prejudice and narrow thinking, and easily find common language with many types of people. Special attention is paid to love. Such people have romantic hearts and are idealistic about others The Soul Urge or as it is sometimes called, the heart's desire, is an important core influence in numerology.This means your inner craving, likes and dislikes. How to find the Soul Urge Number? This number is made up from the vowels (a, e, i, o and u) in your full birth name just as it is recorded on your birth certificate Example: 2-14-1988 is 2+1+4+1+9+8+8 = 33 (3 + 3) = Birth Number 6. The Destiny and Heart's Desire Numbers both use the full birth name as it appears on your birth certificate, applying a numeric.

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Heart Numbers Heart's Desire / Soul Urge Number Calculator. Calculate your heart's desire/soul urge number now! Find the number from all the vowels of your name to discover and understand what numerology tells about you Soul urge number 1 can reveal a lot about your heart's desire and what makes you happiest in this life. As with all soul urge numbers, both positive and negative traits are manifested in soul urge number 1. Strong leadership abilities. As you may expect from '1', this number demands independence, individuality and originality 11 thoughts on Numerology: Your Heart's Desire Number kulsoom September 19, 2013 at 12:21 am. my name is kulsoom zehra Please tell me about my love and marriage. Please tell me that who. Hearts Desires and Soul Urge Number Eleven. Tweet. Heart's Desire Number 11 is the Master Number, which means it indicates complete or almost complete development of the traits that are associated with the number it reduces to. Usually this relation is written as 11/2 or in other words we write the Master Number and then the number it reduces to

Aquarius, Gemini, or a Virgo zodiac signs are most compatible with a Soul Urge Number 9. This is a more overall love kind of number. Here you are dedicated to having love and harmony with every. To get your Heart's desire number, you will need to enter your full name first. Below, you will learn more about how to do this. Let's take a quick example to see how it works. If your full birth name, for example, is Mary Jane Castor, the values will be: 4 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 1 + 1 + 5 + 5 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 6 + 9 = 53 Hearts desire by heart's desire number 3. You are very sociable by nature and wish to enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones. You desire to live life to its fullest. You wish to take part in active social life and enjoy a big circle of friends. You have intuitive insight and inspirational tendencies

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  2. Method 3: Your heart's desire number Your life path number tells you the road you will take; your expression number the personality you bring with you on that road. The next of your numerology lucky numbers, your heart's desire, also called the motivation number, tells you what your deepest sense of purpose is
  3. Heart's Desire Number explains what is it that you need to become fulfilled in your life. It tells you about your desires and the things that you need to feel empowered and complete. Use the calculator below to discover the meaning of your unique Heart's Desire Number
  4. If your life path number and hearts desire number are the same, it is a great thing, because your life journey will be according to your passion. It means you will enjoy your career if it is according to your passion, and so you will become a very..

What is the Heart's Desire Number & How Does It Differ From Other Numbers? Why is the Heart's Desire number the best number to determine compatibility by? Find out! Be sure to LIKE this video and Subscribe! Please leave a comment. I will do my best to reply! Be sure to check out my website for all things Numerology The Heart's Desire number is found as follows: In each name, only add the vowels then reduce them to a single-digit. What you do next is to add the single digits you just calculated to reduce the result even further to form a single-digit. The meaning of the heart's desire number . Soul Urge is also referred the Heart's Desire Heart's Desire Number 7 : Your heart's desire is to find the origin of life and its inner meaning. Knowledge is the basic thirst and you also love to spread the knowledge. But you can get easily stressed out with frequent anxiety. You love life and use your knowledge to become a segment of it. Heart's Desire Number 8 Numerology Compatibility Numerology Compatibility uses the letters and numbers in Numerology to find your soul. People find comfort and truth in numbers because they have a language of truth. The Soul Urge number, also called the Heart's Desire Number, is composed of the vowels of your name utilizing the same letter to number chart above

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Heart's Desire/Soul Urge Number Calculator. Derived from the VOWELS of your full name at birth, Heart's Desire, or Soul Urge number is the inner you. It shows your true motivation, your inner cravings and urges, likes and dislikes. It reveals the general intention behind many of your actions, and dramatically influences the choices you make in. Discover the hidden meanings contained within your Soul Urge / Heart's Desire Number with this free Numerology Calculator from Prem Astrologer. Leave a Query +91-9716145644 , +91-921614145 Numerology Number 0 Numerology Number 1 Numerology Number 2 Numerology Meaning Chart Numerology Name Numerology Existence Number Numerology Existence Number Sample Soul Urge Number Soul Urge Number Sample Heart's Desire Number Heart's Desire Number Sample Outer Expression Number Outer Expression Number Sample Inclusion Chart Planes of Expressio

Compatibility numerology in relationships provides insight into suitability for romance, appreciation of differences and how to better cultivate relationship harmony. When first meeting people we show our personality number. But our heart's desire number, or the deeper side to ourselves, is only revealed in time, as we feel safer and more. Mar 11, 2019 - The Heart's Desire Number, often referred to as the Soul Urge Number, is derived from the VOWELS in your FULL Birth Name. Learning about your Heart's Desire Number can reveal the general intentions behind many of your actions, your true motivations, inner cravings and urges, and your likes and dislikes Your soul urge number is frequently described as the Heart's Desire number in numerology. This can symbolize a reflection of your inner, or true, self. The most interesting thing about the soul urge number is that it often exposes realities in people that they only recognize once a reading is completed But with soul urge number 22, it becomes even more important to discover its fact and secrets. Important to realize is that master number are highly intuitive and spiritually connected numbers. Your Soul Urge number (heart's desire number) will give you a revelation of what you yearn for in life

The 5 core numbers are the Life Path Number, The Expression (a.k.a Destiny) Number, The Soul Urge (a.k.a Heart's Desire) Number, The Personality Number, and the Birthday Number. We will be calculating the 5 core numbers for two well-known celebrities, Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z. Discover how accurate your numerology chart is A Soul urge number or heart desire number is calculated from a name by calculation of vowels in the name. The vowels A, E, I, O, U are responsible for heart desire number. According to the Pythagorean numerology, these vowels have certain energies and vibrations. A soul urge number is the sum of the vowels Soul urge number 11 is one of the more sensitive among the soul urge/heart's desire numbers. Because 11 is considered a master number in numerology, it is not added together. To clarify, you don't have to break it down into 1 + 1 = 2. However, Eleven's still share many things in common with the number 2 May 17, 2017 - The Heart's Desire Number, often referred to as the Soul Urge Number, is derived from the VOWELS in your FULL Birth Name. Learning about your Heart's Desire Number can reveal the general intentions behind many of your actions, your true motivations, inner cravings and urges, and your likes and dislikes Expression/Destiny Number; Heart's Desire/Soul Urge Number; Personality Number; Attitude/Sun Number; Karmic Debt Number; Life Path Compatibility; Numerology Compatibility; Phone Number Analyzer; Numbers In Numerology. Number 1; Number 2; Number 3; Number 4; Number 5; Number 6; Number 7; Number 8; Number 9; Numerology Chart Calculator; Life Path.

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The 6 core numbers in numerology are: (1) the life path number, (2) the expression number, (3) the heart's desire number, (4) the maturity number, (5) the birthday number and (6) the personality number. I have listed them in descending order of relative influence and importance (i.e., the life path number is the most influential and personality. If your power number and life path number are opposites, it will take you longer to reach your goal. Finding your power number is simple: add your heart's desire number to your personality number. Let's say we wanted to know Freddie Mercury's power number. We simply take his heart's desire number (7) and his personality number (3). 7+3=1 Title: Heart's Desire Series: Heart & Soul Series Order: 1 Author: Keira Marcos Fandom: Harry Potter Relationship: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy Genre: Fantasy, Romance, First Time, Soulmates, Alternate Universe Warnings: Explicit Sex, Explicit Language, Discussion-Murder, Discussion-Child Abuse Word Count: 82,200 Summary: Two years after the war, Harry is heartsore and lonely

The number 9 is the number of universal consciousness. Someone with a soul urge number of 9 is idealistic, generous and completely unselfish. Their innermost desire is to help others however they can. Soul urge number 9 is associated with The Hermit in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The Hermit carries a lantern which is like our inner illumination The soul urge number is a significant part of a person's numerology reading and is the most spiritual. It can give you deep insight into what drives your soul, which is why it is also known as the heart's desire number or soul desire number

Each number contained in the person's full name - Expression Number, Heart's Desire Number, and Personality Number - is to some extent responsible for their inborn abilities and talents. However, any of these numbers by itself only gives direction for in-depth analysis, that is essential to gain insight into one's abilities and prospects of. The Heart Desire Number is known as Soul Urge Number in the numerology. In simple words, it indicates, what desire you have in your heart. A heart desire number describes the inner resources, and says about what a person has and what things wants a lot. The soul urge number is calculated from the Vowels in a name

1 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 6 + 5 + 6 = 33 (Remember that if you end up with master numbers 11 or 22 don't reduce.) From here you must continue reducing your numbers until you get a single digit: 3 + 3 = 6. Again if you end up with master numbers 11 or 22 you do not need to reduce. Natalie Rose Scott's soul urge/heart's desire number is 6 Most and Least Compatible Matches For Life Path Number | Numerology Life Path Number Compatibility. Your Number June 27, 2021 Numbers No Comments. 0 shares. Share; Please note that this app uses the word heart's desire number instead of soul's urge number, but these are the same thing Master Number 11 - Heart's Desire or Soul Number. The 11's soul is that of a spiritual teacher, healer or leader ever seeking those elusive truths. Mastering your path is never easy, but few things of worth come without some challenge and sacrifice. Numerology Compatibility of Master Number 11

Aug 16, 2019 - Heart's Desire / Soul Urge Number The Heart's Desire or Soul Urge number is an important number in Numerology. It gives you a deeper understanding of yourself so you can make the most out of your life. The Heart's Desire number is one of the core numbers in Numerology. I Soul Urge Number 8. With a Heart's Desire/Soul Urge number 8, you want to have success in life, and will work hard to achieve something. You're an excellent leader or boss, and don't do well taking orders. You believe in yourself and your abilities, have discipline, and know who to trust. Soul Urge Number 9 Numerological Calculator is a nice helper, as it calculates all the data needed for numerological forecast. You don't need to sit and elaborately add numbers, having a chance to make a mechanic mistake. Some numerological manipulations are quite hard

Life Path Number. In Numerology, The Life Path Number, the most influential number in a person's Numerology Chart, will set the stage for the person's life. Unlike other parts of the Numerology Chart like the Expression or Heart's Desire numbers, the Life Path number can not change because it is based on the person's birth date The Maturity Number Formula consists of the sum of your Life Path Number and your Destiny Number reduced to a single digit. For example if your Life Path Number equals 5 and Destiny Number - 7 you need to make a sum of 5+7. It will be 12, and then you reduce the double digit number to a simple one - 1+2 = 3. 3 is a single-digit number, this is. Meanwhile, number 2s make a good match for you as they, like you, are also largely guided by their heart's desire. Lastly, with number 9s, you may expect a reliable, romantic partner who is compassionate beyond belief and who looks after all your emotional needs. Life Path Number HEART'S DESIRE NUMBER - Your Heart's Desire is the inner you. It shows your underlying urge, your true motivation. It reveals the general intention behind many of your actions. PERSONALITY NUMBER - Your Personality number is derived from the consonants of your full name at birth Numerology Love Compatibility. The Purpose is figured by using the Heart's Desire and the Personality. By way of recognizing that numbers come with a mystic vibration for many years which often does apply towards the energy from your universe. Here is a quick breakdown in the essential meaning involving numbers

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Now, reduction of those numbers would be done, by adding them unto themselves. 10 would be 1+0= 1. 15 would be 1+5= 6. These are the 'soul urge numbers'. Step 4: Now, checking the compatibility of them would be easier, because the soul numbers are found. Consulting the table from above, we could find their score Name compatibility: how similar your personalities, interests and goals are. Heart's desire compatibility: how similar your deepest personal desires are. Personality compatibility: how similar your behaviour is. Life path compatibility: how similar your fates are. Power compatibility: how sustainable your relationship will be in your latter years Each lifetime you come here for a purpose, but the human mind forgets what the purpose is. Calculating your Numerology of your Heart's Desire Number, also known as Soul Urge Number, can help you find that out. This number will also explain what motivates your urges and desires on the soul level. To calculate your Heart's Desire, you need to add only the numbers corresponding to every vowel. A numerology chart includes other important components of numerology: Life Path Number, Expression Number, Personality Number, Birth Day Number, and Soul Urge Number (or Heart's Desire Number) The Soul Urge Number (or: heart desire number) reflects the innermost cravings and desires that are present in any individual's heart. Thus, it is without doubt one of the most important numbers that are present on the numerology chart of any individual. The vowels present in the full name of any person are converted to their corresponding numerical values, and then summed up to arrive at a.

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A Life Path number can only be one of the single-digit numbers 1-9, or Master Numbers 11, 22, and 33. However, when it comes to Numerology compatibility, only single digits are used. While a Master Number Life Path number are very powerful in some areas of life, it is not a significant force in Numerology compatibility Della, your Heart's Desire is 20/2 12 Paul, your Heart's Desire is 16/7 12 Your Heart's Desire's compatibility is 2 and 7 13 Della and Paul, your Personality is 4 14 Your Personality's compatibility is 4 15 Della, your Personal Year for 2005 is 6 16 Paul, your Personal Year for 2005 is 4 17 Your Personal Year's compatibility for 2005 is 6 and 4 1 You get: Life Path numbers, Expression analysis, the Heart's Desire of each person, Personality profiles, Personal Year numbers, and much more! Each category of the numerology compatibility chart includes an individual analysis of both persons in the relationship AND a combined compatibility analysis for the relationship itself The Heart's desire number, which is also known as the soul urge number, is a central number in modern Numerology calculated by deriving single-digit numbers from the vowels of your birth name and then adding them up until they equal a single-digit number or 11 or 22 Your Heart's Desire's compatibility is 6 and 6. person 1 and person 2, as a rule of thumb, relationships fare better when the core numbers found in the same location in a chart are not the same. An exception is to this rule of thumb is the six, considered the most harmonious of all, the most loving and committed of all numbers, and rightly so

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You can see the numerological interpretations of the birth number and name numbers for Leonardo DiCaprio. Here, the interpretation of the Heart's Desire Number is given If you are interested in a much more in-depth Life Path Compatibility reading, I do provide full Relationship Compatibility Readings that also discuss other core numbers and how they relate to one another in terms of compatibility.. These numbers include the Expression/Destiny number, Heart's Desire/Soul Urge number, and the Personality number.Along with your Life Path number, they play an. Venus and Your Heart's Desire. What are Love Signs? A Love Sign is the Zodiac Sign that Venus was in at the time of your birth. Venus is famously known as the Goddess of Love, hence the name. Venus represents the qualities of love, romance, sensuality, culture, beauty, affection and social appeal Soul Urge Number 1. Soul urge number is a very critical number in our lives. The Soul urge number is also known as the heart's desire number. In fact, Soul number represents the thing (s) you desire strongly. These are your dreams and the ultimate ideals you yearn for and meditate upon The energy represented by the heart's desire number has a decided effect on how someone approaches life. Use the Heart's Desire calculator for interpretations of your own heart's desire number and the heart's desire number of the person you are interested in. Many numbers are compatible, even if they are different

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Individual expression numbers and compatibility. More than any other number in your chart, your expression number reflects who you both are as people. Your heart's desire and your partner's hearts desire. Your heart's desire explains the inner you. It shows your underlying urge and your true motivation Heart's Desire. To calculate the heart's desire or the soul urge, calculate the vowels in a name. Do this by using the chart in our Numerology Love Compatibility article. This chart can be used for all of these calculations. Calculate each name separately, reduce, and then add them all together and reduce, if need be, yet again

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This number is all the more significant if this number appears in your core numbers like Life Path, Expression, Heart's Desire etc. Master Number 33 Life Path. It is a good idea for the master number 33 avatar to take up professions where nurturing and caring is to be employed Numerology Life Path 8 And 9 Compatibility. These numbers can after that be utilized to help us to better comprehend the world as well as ourselves as people where you can uncover insights concerning your objective and also personality traits by exercising things like your life path number, expression number, and also heart's desire number. For more on how that works, please refer to the chapter that covers the Heart's Desire Number. Gerry's Minor Personality number is subsequently calculated this way: 7+9+9 = 25; 2+5 = 7. 7+9+3 = 19; 1+9 = 10; 1+0 = 1. 7+1 = 8. So, Gerry's Outer Personality Number is 1, his Minor Personality Number is 8. The minor number compliments and clarifies. Another important factor is your kids' names. The name is used to determine a lot of different numbers in Numerology including the Heart's Desire and the Personality Number. The Heart's Desire is representative of what your kid is really looking for in life and what they are drawn to aside from the things associated with their Life Paths Minor Heart's Desire Definitions. 1 Minor Heart's Desire. With a 1 Minor Heart 's Desire, you draw from yourself more strength and determination. You try to be more original, innovative, and independent. You value courage and the will to meet adversity head on. You are more willing to lead, and less willing to follow