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  1. utes ago. EZA Teq Kaioken Goku. Fluff. Is max crit the best build for him? I know he can get crits with.
  2. Quick question. I've always assumed units with the kaioken effect (e.g. int ult gohan) do more damage with additional than crits because a crit gives you an additional 90% damage whereas the additional super will give you an additional 130% because he gets the attack stack and the extra attack
  3. I would advise a mix of Crit and AA, since they have Kaioken effect. A bit more AA for Goku and more Crit for Vegeta. View entire discussion (3. comments) More posts from the DBZDokkanBattle community. Continue browsing in r/DBZDokkanBattle. r/DBZDokkanBattle. 120k. Members. 4.7k
  4. EZA. , , Type HP & ATK +25%. Kaioken x3 Kamehameha. Greatly raises ATK and causes huge damage to enemy. Full-On Strike. Change Ki Sphere to Ki Sphere. All in the Family - The Saiyan Lineage - Kamehameha - Shocking Speed - Over in a Flash. Pure Saiyans - Full Power - Goku's Family - Kamehameha - Final Trump Card - All-Out Struggle - Turtle School
  5. GT Trunks 1 Dupe (for the +2 teq ki passive) WT SSJ2 Gohan (for the +2 teq ki passive) SR teq Beerus at SA10 and i have the medals to dokkan him Deadly awakening SSJ Goku who i could max his SA w/ the free farmable Goku, and dokkan Nuova Shenron and this Trunks at SA10 with 2 dupe

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Teq SSB Vegito - Again, crit seems like the best choice statistically, but getting off an additional super from HiPo buffs him up that much faster much like UI Goku. I used to like going full AA or full Crit on a unit, but lately I've come to do half and half. Those lucky additional supers come in handy tbh, and 12 vs 20 of Crit/AA seems not be. Goku USS. Dokkan. EZA. Representatives of Universe 7 or Universe Survival Saga Category Ki +3, HP +130% and ATK & DEF +170%. 10x Kaioken God Kamehameha. Greatly raises ATK and causes immense damage to enemy. To Fight the Best Fight! ATK & DEF +59%; plus an additional ATK & DEF +10% with each attack received (up to 59%); plus an. TEQ Candy Vegito - Max AA followed by crit, stacks and has stun potential. AGL Hercule/Buu - Max AA followed by crits or dodges, greatly stacks defense so maximize that. INT SSJ3 Goku (the newest one) - Max AA followed by crits. STR Goten (the newest buu saga one) - Not worth it. PHY Angel Goku (the newest buu saga one) - Not worth it. AGL SSJ Kid Trunks (BBroly event) - Max AA followed by.

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Crit LR SSB Vegito will build-up his kaioken effect at an average rate of 1.06 stacks per turn. That means he'll receive an average kaioken buff of +21.2% per turn. AA LR SSB Vegito will build-up his kaioken effect at an average rate of 1.15 stacks per turn. That means he'll receive an average kaioken buff of +23% per turn Raises DEF for 1 turn, causes mega-colossal damage to enemy and lowers ATK & DEF. Miraculous Cooperation. ATK & DEF +77% when attacking; plus an additional ATK & DEF +77% when performing an Ultra Super Attack; plus an additional ATK +77% when the target enemy is in ATK Down or DEF Down status, is stunned, or the target enemy's Super Attack.

Rainbowed, AA > Crit Stacks attack & defense from launching a super attack. Also boosts team's defense with his passive. Has worked better than other stackers like teq kaioken goku: High: No Dupes, SA1 High chance to evade attacks, reduces damage received based on HP. Even with max HP, when UI Goku's SA actually connects with him, he will only. UI Goku is an INT character so if you go max to one and leftovers to second you'll end up with 15 / 6 to either Crit/AA or vice versa. (unlike AGL and PHY characters who get extra +5 to AA due their typing, or STR and TEQ who get extra +5 to crit. Rousing Fighting Spirit Super Saiyan 2 Goku (Angel) ATK & DEF +100%; plus an additional DEF boost by up to 60% (the more HP remaining, the greater the DEF boost) and an additional ATK boost by up to 60% (the less HP remaining, the greater the ATK boost); ATK & DEF +30% when attacking with 3 or more Ki Spheres obtained; Transforms when. Full AA to exploit Kaio Ken mechanic but kinda want some Crit too. It's currently Half and Half, still got some dupes farmed up. So about Kaio Ken mechanic, how does it even work? I went full crit (with AA when I was forced to). But that was before I knew about Kaioken. If it were today I would go half and half

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Universe Survival has three very powerful leader choices to pick as your guest. The strongest one is a second Awakened UR Final Super Power - Super Saiyan God SS Goku (Kaioken) Super STR, but a close second is another Awakened UR Assassin's Ultimate Technique - Hit Extreme TEQ that gives better Buffs to Universe 6 allies.. The final option would be Awakened UR Absolute Power - Jiren Super STR (12-17 ki) God Kamehameha (18-24 ki) God Kamehameha Kaioken x10 (12-17 ki) Greatly Raises Attack and does Collosal damage (18-24 ki) Greatly Raises Attack and does Mega Collosal damage Facing a strong opponent ATK and DEF + 150% medium chance to additional 3 times and rare chance to crit.Transforms to Ultra Instinct-Sign- when. (754) 232-7691; str great saiyaman hidden potentia SSJ Goku has a suboptimal Leader Skill that offers lower 130% Stats and high 4 Ki to a category that usually has a lot of Ki and benefits more from a 170% Stats leadership. Another minor issue is that the SSJ Goku Card name is one of the most contested in Dokkan, and Bandai releases multiple versions of him every year that can't be used. teq ssj2 goku eza. January 22, 2021 Growing With Our Gurdwaras Growing With Our Gurdwara

Teq SS2 Vegeta third super to stack attack a little as a guest team, having... Me `` trade failed due to the Limit reached, or Tablet drag you down to their and. Optimal Goku team, so having AA/crit and extra attack stats would busted... 100 % potential SYSTEM NEW INT LR super SAIYAN ROSE Goku BLACK is a fantastic damage dealer and leader the Overview. Super Saiyan God SS Goku has been given a much-needed EZA that has made this Card amazing! Goku's Passive Skill grants a 118% ATK & DEF Buff early on in a fight, with the potential for a one-turn 177% ATK Buff if a fight lasts longer than anticipated, and on top of that he stacks ATK Bronze - +5% crit chance, low chance to change orbs, etc. Silver - +10% crit chance,medium chance to dodge all attack, etc. Gold - +15% crit/AA/dodge chance, gives stunning/sealing effect, +20% to ATK/DEF Obtainable from events and missions

Super Saiyan 3: INT SSJ3 Bardock; 100% (6 AA, 15 Crit): INT SSJ2 Goku (Angel); 69% (3 AA, 9 Crit) Target: Goku: AGL Android #13; 55% (5 AA, 0 Crit) Team Bardock: INT Team Bardock; 69% (3 AA, 9 Crit) Golden Fist Super Saiyan 3 Goku - Nice DEF boost at start of turn (120%), so can tank very well - Gets massive ATK boost when Ultra Super Attacking. Goku comes crashing the meta in this GBL exclusive Kaioken SSB version. He is the premium 170% ATK and DEF leader of both Representatives of Universe 7 and Universe Survival Saga, two teams that happen to have some of the strongest Cards from the Dragon Ball Super anime X2 ATK and Crit. Rate: Kaioken X4 Kamehameha: causes mega-godly damage to enemy, sacrifices 5% HP: I'll defeat you... KAIOKEN! X3 HP for 15 turns, but each turn with this unit sacrifices 1% H Can be farmed to raise Super Attack of other Frieza (Final Form) cards, *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. TEQ Cooler. You can easily farm the Namek Goku SA with any farmable base form Goku, SSJ4 Goku and SSJ2 angel goku are easily worth the kais and orbs even.

SSB Kaioken Goku SSJ Rose Goku Black SSJ3 Goku And definitely choose crit wherever possible for SV. TEQ SSJ2 Goku PHY SSJ Goten For Rose, I have SSR extreme STR Form 1 Frieda SSR EXTREME TEQ Form 3 Frieza SSR (partially awakened) INT Turles SSR AGL Bojack SSR PHY Syn Shenron In fact Gohan supports TEQ, AGL, and PHY, which are the three main types you'll see on this team since it's the SSJ4 Gokus, AGL SSBE Vegeta, Omega Shenron, FP Frieza, Kefla, AGL SSJ3 Goku, Perfect Cell, VB, Gogeta, and more. Use our Tier List Maker to generate your free Tier List and share it with your friends. Tier List zu Genshin Impact MOST PHY units are worth going all crit on, because you cant go entirely all out 11 AA and 15 Crit is PHY Crit focused and it is a balanced build, so yeah, aside from LR trunks (and my crit obsession) id say go crit on all PHY units. phy lr ginyu force hidden potential

347-762-1712. @brooklynbridalbar. Brooklyn Bridal Ba Source: -----... TODO LO QUE VIENE EN LA PARTE 2 DE LAS 300 M *DOKKAN BATTLE*, ONE OF THE BEST F2P UNITS! 12 Ki Multiplier is 130

Also, If Godtenks had the free Dupe system buffs, he would hit harder than a maxed out SSJ3 Goku. Card Analysis - Free TEQ Angel SSJ3 Goku. One of Goku's lesser weaknesses is that he has to compete with a summonable LR for his place on a Team. As a free character, he only gets +3000 for all his stats, however, he can have his 4 paths unlocked quite easiky, allowing him a 40% crit chance also. lr str super vegito hidden potential. by | Feb 20, 2021 | Danubius in-folio | 0 comments | Feb 20, 2021 | Danubius in-folio | 0 comment Definitely by 15x they do basically no damage and you're better off with units that can crit and double hit instead, IMO. Marvel Future Fight: dElementalor Got a dupe Teq SSB Goku(which is pretty decent I guess), dupe Phy Super Trunks and yet another GT Veg. getting me PHY Kaioken Goku and a dupe Fusion 1

the following are open source wcms except course hero. 6022. best . On average a AA based build does ~10.8m damage under the same conditions. Comment by KevhasOwO. STR Rosé is the best Linking partner for LR Black & Zamasu, sharing 5 Ki Links and at least 25% ATK Link Skills, plus another 25% when Big Bad Bosses is active. 1/150 Final. Hp 11505 atk 10770 def 4990 leader skill. 2 the paramount saiyan super saiyan god ss goku. 1 16 super saiyan god ss goku kaioken 1 17 goku ultra instinct sign 1 18 goku ultra instinct 1 19 goku gt 1 20 super saiyan goku gt 1 21 super saiyan 2 goku gt 1 22 super saiyan 3 goku gt 1 23 super saiyan 3 goku gt golden giant ape 1 24 super saiyan 4 goku

Team : - Transforming Goku (only unit I can make a Kame team with) - Friend LR Gohan AGL (unkillable) - PHY Gogeta (free heal + good def) - INT Vegeto (free heal + good def) - Goku+Gohan retreat unit (incredibly useful, unkillable) - 4x TEQ Kaioken Goku (stacking def, pretty good) - TEQ Cell (never should have taken him, pretty much useless. I wouldn't also mind busted Kaioken Goku/Vegeta from Saiyan saga. So far my only solid plan is picking up TEQ LR Vegito with coins in November. Apparently no cap on crit, so basically can hit 100% crit at about 15 orbs. Jul 15, 2020 #13,094 donkey said: Oh wow, LR 1000 day Goku is getting an EZA with LR TEQ SSJ Goku and it looks. Messing around with MUI Goku (and Vegeta via friends) on different events to get stones atm and it's crazy how if they do a second super (which is pretty likely since it's built in to the passive), it's a guaranteed crit since the first super gives you a 50% chance to crit and the second stacks it's crit chance for 100%

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teq caulifla dokkan hidden potential. Posted on February 9, 2021 | by. I'm tempted to give LR VB a little more in the AA department, considering his 12 ki super raises ATK and DEF, and that would be the one that fires off on AA. I know crit is probably still the all around stronger choice for damage, but I may at least trade 1 crit node for AA, especially because he gets the free crit boost anyway Woof, these Dokkan Medal farming missions are FAR beyond my power level right now. Just tried the Goku Black one. Was pretty happy that I got him down, then saw him resurrect himself in Rose form with, like, 5 health bars

Join. I know everyone is saying crit this and crit that. Posted by 7 days ago. Once a Card has Z-Awakened, Hidden Potential Orbs can be gg A list of all Top Tier, F2P, and world tournament also known as wt team builds for Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. It's decent to accomplish feats like the punching bag event, but really nothing else. View current outage information as it becomes. TEQ Majin Vegeta: Crit or AA - Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battl @CEOofKlampin @Nanogenix It is this unit I just saw it lo If you have TEQ Ultimate Gohan, I would recommend swapping out this unit for him, but if you don't, Trunks can perform very well, regularly hitting over 2 million attack stats once he transforms into SSJ Got 4 UI Gokus and 3 Rose Blacks even though I only wanted one Blue Vegetto plus a bunch of SSR dupes aside from STR Meta Rilldo, INT Kid Boo and PHY SS Future Trunks who are all new to me It has been released for iOS and Android on July 16, 2015. Uncategorized. He was the second major villain of Dragon Ball Z and is still considered to be the best of the bunch to this day. 130 Lv. 30. Catastrophic Clash Between Rivals Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta. The only card you're missing is SSG goku. 130 Lv. LR UI Goku and LR Teq SSJ3 Goku question (754) 232-7691; int goku and veget

The Prince's Power Super Saiyan Vegeta. Stats: 17542 HP, 17341 ATK, 11247 DEF. Leader: Vegeta's Family or Shadow Dragon Saga Category Ki +4, HP +140%, and ATK & DEF +170%. SA (Big Bang Attack): Greatly raises ATK, raises DEF and causes immense damage to the enemy Skip to content Login Register. agl lr gohan hidden potentia

BGM 14 - Int Kid Goku. BGM 15 - AGL Vegeta and Nappa. BGM 16 - PHY Kaioken Blue Goku and Blue Evolution Vegeta. BGM 17 - TEQ Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta. BGM 18 - LR Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta. BGM 19 - AGL Great Saiyaman Trunks . BGM 20 - PHY Android 16, 17 and 18. BGM 21 - Goku (Zamasu) EZA Area. BGM 22 - TEQ Hit. Teq trunks. Phy. Dokkan Battle Tier List - 2020 Edition. [Top 10] Dokkan Battle Best LR. Eleazar Flores-Barrios. Having grown up in a secluded community where time apparently moved slowly, Eleazar learned to game the hard way: without tutorials, with lots of frustration, and with a love for arcades. Gamer Since: 2000 teq caulifla dokkan hidden potential. Posted on Tuesday February 9th, 2021. Also guys uh, who do I cut from my potara team to make room for LR Vegito Right now I have: LR GV +1 PHY EZA'd Black +2 PHY EZA Vegito Blue +4 TEQ EZA Fused Zamasu +

Super: Raises Att and causes Supreme Damage; raises allies Def by 30%. Aug 29, 2014 - Promotional image of Super Saiya-jin Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks for the 7th Dragon Ball Z anime film, The Three Great Super Saiya-jin. SSJ3 Goku VS SSJ3 Gotenks? Le Broly DBS prenait pas trop cher en late ? One copy of PHY Gogeta & AGL Goku SSJ4 & STR Vegeta SSJ4 & a Random SSR form of a LR (Black. You have LR Vegito, Teq Trunks, Str Maitrunks, etc. Dokkan Battle Distorted Justice Goku Black & Zamasu, rating, stats, skills, awaken, how to get, tips, and team If SSj4 Goku's LS and passive get even the most minor boost he'd be amazing. 12 Ki Multiplier is 140% Counterattacks can be critical hits from the Hidden Potential Tremendous power.

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Skip to content. ACNV. Men LR GOKU SSJ4 i LR VEGETA SSJ4 multi summony Dokkan Battle JAPAN HYPE . 1080p 06:43. TICKETS LR SSJ4 GOKU LR SSJ4 VEGETA 4th ANNIVERSARY TICKETS MULTISUMMON Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle . 1080p 01:01:18. AGL LR SSJ4 Goku i STR LR SSJ4 Vegeta Dokkan Battle 1500DS SUMMON . 1080p 10:46 LR Goku and Vegeta into Super Gogeta and TEQ SSJ3 Goku

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Abis 2 senju 2 usher, dende dan yenma utuh. Untung nemu lr broly max SA max crit.. rose, ssg kaioken goku, SV, bos2 agl rata2 sagu kali atk. Yg susah itu di buhan ama gotenks crit broly aja cuma 300k yg ke bos agl bisa 1-2juta. Tim masih sama, cuma ss3 goku kid gt di ganti honey pan max SA buat heal2. Plus butenks dah di dokkan Cards in category: All SSJ3 Gokus. TEQ SSJ3 Angel Goku. All Golden Friezas. PHY Full Power Frieza. All Kaioken Gokus. All SSJ3 Gotenkses. Super Kaioken Goku. INFOS DOKKAN - Invoquer ou pas Goku SSJ3 et Majin Vegeta . For Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled EZA STR and TEQ SSJ3 Vegeta (JP pinnacle of fury goku hidden potential. Pinnacle of Fury Goku. Galrick is the soul survivor of the Marainian race. Hidden Potential. Demon Jr has forfeited. The following list includes current farmable characters in global that could be used to activate 100% of a character's hidden potential. He appears in my story Dragon Ball: The New Hero's THE BEST NON EVO OR KAIOKEN SSB GOKU & VEGETA IN DOKKAN! TEQ & PHY Nuker Goku/Vegeta Awakening vs The Legendary Goku Event! DBZ Dokkan Battle Fighting Legend Goku Event Team Gamepla Enfin Dokkan mon Vegeta TEQ ca fait du bien d'avoir un ki+3 pour tous les types . Dokkan Battle UR Super TEQ Tenshinhan 100%Pot + 4 links + Crit + 10SA UR Super. dang beat me by like a minute will do rotations on both banners likely, then dump the rest in whichever banner is better, leaning towards Buu though because Cooler will probably be on i

Hello friends. I come to you for advice. Going into this anniversary I had high hopes, around 1000 stones saved and just wanted ui goku basically. 1500 stones of summons later, BGM 12 - TEQ Future Trunks. BGM 13 - Vegito Blue Theme DB Legends. BGM 14 - Int Kid Goku. BGM 15 - AGL Vegeta and Nappa. BGM 16 - PHY Kaioken Blue Goku and Blue Evolution Vegeta. BGM 17 - TEQ Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta. BGM 18 - LR Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta. BGM 19 - AGL Great Saiyaman Trunks. BGM 20 - PHY Android 16, 17 and Capcode: All Only User Posts Only Verified Posts Only Moderator Posts Only Manager Posts Only Admin Posts Only Developer Posts Only Founder Posts : Show Posts: All Only With Images Only Without Images Only Spoiler Images Only Non-Spoiler Image Dokkan Battle Optimizer Home Twitter Settings Log in. 0 selected filter selected filter-/ Take out whoever for Karoly and Teq Frieza. Re: Potential system - If you're gonna SA10 someone, put dupes in the in bottom left. If not, put them in the top right. SSB Kaioken Goku SSJ Rose Goku Black SSJ3 Goku And definitely choose crit wherever possible for SV.

BGM 15 - AGL Vegeta and Nappa. BGM 16 - PHY Kaioken Blue Goku and. phy transforming vegeta - couplewise . View all Goku Blue and Vegeta Blue LR Vegito SSJ4 Xeno Transforming Gotenks (INT) Buutenks Buu (Good/Evil) (TEC) Goku and Vegeta (angel) Kefla Vegito LR (TEQ) Gogeta LR (PHY) Beerus (PHY) Majin Vegeta Goku SSJ2 (Angel) Fused C-13 Coora (STR.

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LR Vegito blue will be replacing the Kaioken goku very soon. 3yr ⋅ Billsterrr93. ⋅ r/dokkanbattle. Need Lr goku black friends to beat teq vegito event 3yr ⋅ Pleadinsane. Rainbow LR Vegito is nuts, no crit 3yr ⋅ PoS203 LR Gohan - 11 AA / 15 Crit Int Android 16 Trans Goku - 11 AA / 15 Crit Bulla - 15 AA / 11 Crit Goku/Gohan switch - Max AA, rest Crit INT 16 is tougher, AAs don't seem to benefit him too much but he doesn't seem like he'd be a monster hard hitter either. Looking For: Rare category leads

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The Hidden Potential System is a system where you can improve a character, even beyond the Max Lv of a character.To be able to use this system you have to 1. To use the Hidden Potential System, you need items that are called \Potential Orbs\.Only characters that are UR or higher can use the Potential Activation September 26, 2020. RIDICULOUSLY OP! 100% RAINBOW STAR LR SSJ2 ANGEL VEGETA! (DBZ: Dokkan Battle) DaTruthDT. September 26, 2020. THE 36TH WT REWARD! 100% RAINBOW STAR BOJACK MOVIE TRUNKS! (DBZ: Dokkan Battle) DaTruthDT teq lr goku Trunks LR end Trunks End ssj EZA Vegeta evo goku ssj4 super vegeta int. LR F2P TEQ Goku: at Rainbow and 25/25 Super Attack, meaning we have to have completed his Extreme EZA-Area already. 100% EZA TEQ GOLDEN FRIEZA SHOWCASE! Today we FINALLY Dokkan Awaken LR SSJ4 Goku and run a Proper Goku's Lineage Team here on DBZ Dokkan Battle

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Video Title: EZA KRILLIN & ANDROID 18 VS. THE GT LEGENDARY GOKU EVENT! (DBZ: Dokkan Battle) Passer au contenu. The 6 year anniversary is great and all but Im just waiting for the day they go back to the goku black arc and release EZAs for teq vegito blue, str rose, lr black and zamasu, f2p lr vegito blue. I want you to take str kaioken. Domestic & Commercial Building Contractors. You Are Here: BLOG / lr str ui goku

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SSB Kaioken Goku SSR. 191k members in the DBZDokkanBattle community ; Awakened UR Power to Decimate - Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta Super TEQ. As the other EZA unit on the team, he hits incredibly hard, and has done over 4 million damage on a critical hit more than once. f2p ssj3 goku & hercule supers! Eza Gogeta 79% SA15 Phy Ssj3 Gotenks 69% Ssj4. LR SSJ4 Goku AGL SSJ2 Goku (Rainbowed) TEQ SSJ4FP Goku TEQ Kaioken Goku (Rainbowed) INT UI Goku LR Bee Pan LR SS4 Vegeta STR Majin Vegeta Fantastic damage dealer and leader for the optimal Goku team, so having AA/crit and extra stats! Get a third super to stack attack a little and never miss a beat to! Enjoy Trunks LR end Trunks End ssj. View all Goku Blue and Vegeta Blue LR Vegito SSJ4 Xeno Transforming Gotenks (INT) Buutenks Buu (Good/Evil) (TEC) Goku and Vegeta (angel) Kefla Vegito LR (TEQ) Gogeta LR (PHY) Beerus (PHY) Majin Vegeta Goku SSJ2 (Angel) Fused C-13 Coora (STR) Bardock Future Gohan (INT) Piccolo SSB (kaioken) Goku (STR) Zamasu (AGL) Future trunks (TEC) Goku (namek Main menu. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary conten

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Keep the LR pairs together and TEQ Vegito and SSGSS Vegito units in the same rotations for some of the best 1-2 punches in the game. Team cards. Leader: Fused Super Power SSJ Goku & SSJ Veget SP Angry Goku (Blue) Bench: SP Goten (Kid) (Yellow) SP Super Saiyan God SS Goku (Red) SP Super Kaioken Goku (Green) Hybrid Saiyans Tôi nghĩ mình còn chưa biết. Bên trời mưa gió làm sao, Cả triệu linh hồn hủy diệt, Một thân lệ nuốt chưa vào Vegeta TEQ SSJ2 Awakened UR Indomitable Fighting Spirit - Super Saiyan 2 . Direct from his second showdown against Goku in the Buu Saga, this SSJ2 Vegeta Card is extremely powerful from the get go, offering very high Buffs, a great selection of categories to build Teams around, and a really potent double Leader Skill for two different and strong categories - Saiyan Warrior Race - Super Saiyan. Super Saiyan Blue Goku using Kaio-ken for the first time. In the anime, this variation of the Kaio-ken synchronizes the two separate power boosts between Goku's godly transformation and the special technique, which is emphasized by the double aura effect, placing a crimson Kaio-ken aura outside of a typical blue Super Saiyan Blue aura Namek Goku Yardrat Goku Kaioken Goku Ginyu Goku King Vegeta SS Trunks w/ Sword Kid Trunks SS Kid Trunks Goten SS Goten Mighty Mask Majin Vegeta Dabura Majin Buu Evil Buu Chilled. DB. Spoiler . Young Piccolo Babidi Ninja Murasaki General Blue . A. Aiii So not worth it. Jan 5, 2012 37,555 0 0 Netherlands

str great saiyaman hidden potential Posted by: str great saiyaman hidden potentia I doubt the God Leads (like SV) are getting the buff any time soon. This is for the year old good leaders; like the ones with the +3 Type Ki, +3000 Atk leader skills. This would be like AGL SS3 Goku, TEQ Perfect Cell, STR Broly (Mass Damage), INT Ultimate Gohan, PHY FP Frieza. Possibly STR Gogeta too lr goku and vegeta phy hidden potential. Posted on February 20, 2021 by. Trunks, Blue Vegeta, Blue Goku - 3 This stamina flaw also exists in the anime, although it is never stated exactly how much power the user loses. BGM 20 - PHY Android 16, 17 and 18. Goku later reveals a state that always uses the full power of Super Saiyan Blue. Now i'm done summoning, got 550 stones saved up for later use